Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS 396 Studded Tires

Recently purchased a set of Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS 396 from Mec and found this review very helpful, even though he purchased the one for road bikes and mine was for mountain bikes. I haven't had a chance to install it yet and do the 40km break-in but what worries me most is the noise that it will produce. I'm not particularly interested in having people look at me while riding, although that might not be a bad thing as I won't need bells and people would easily know that I'm approaching.

Another thing would be the weight, this things weight around 1kg, while my current kenda mtb tires are around 0.7kg. Might not be much of a difference, I did remove my rear rack which I wasn't using anymore, using a backpack I got from the Philippines seems to keep me warm.

What I'm Riding: Schwalbe Marathon Winter HS 396 Studded Tires | @Cycleboredom:

TRUTH: studded tires work on ice. In fact, they work EXTREMELY well.
TRUTH: studded tires are loud on pavement. In fact, they are EXTREMELY loud.
TRUTH: studded tires provide an extreme amount of resistance. Because studs.
TRUTH: studded tires are a one-trick pony. But they’ve MASTERED that trick.
TRUTH: studded tires are expensive given their limited application.
TRUTH: the first time you hit a patch of ice at full speed and realize the tires are going to stay underneath of you they immediately pay for themselves."

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