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Bike Tip: Clean Your Cassettes!

Do you guys bother to clean your cassette? If so how often? I usually clean mine when I notice it getting gunky when I'm lubricating my chain. Next to the chain I think the cassette is one of the least expensive things that gets worn out easily on a bike, and being a frugal cyclist I try to make mine last as long as possible.

One time my kids were doing a craft project and they were using this wires with fur on them and I got this idea that they might work for flossing the cassette and to my surprise they actually worked! They are called chenille or straw cleaners. I used to just use old rags.

From then on I just buy a pack of them whenever we're at the dollar store. 

Now my chain is cleanly waxed and my cassette is shiny all ready for tomorrow's ride to Elmira!

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