Buying a Pair of Continental Grand Prix 4000S II from Chain Reaction Cycles

This is my first time ordering from Chain Reaction Cycles, I have to say I'm impressed at how fast they were able to ship my tires all the way from the UK to Canada. Placed the order on Sunday and it was here by Tuesday, unfortunately we missed the delivery guy. 

I really wanted to replace the knobby tires on my Fuji Feather with something with a lot less rolling resistance, I'm mainly going to be using it for commuting and I've heard a lot of good reviews about the GP4000s.

They cost me $100CAD for the pair, which I thought was a good price to pay for something that I would need to use all summer long. At the time they cost $75 on and $90 at my local LBS and that is for one tyre! They had a free shipping option but they said there's a risk that if postal inspects it then I'd get charged with brokerage fees, so I paid $13 for shipping. Last time I ordered some tyres from the US I got hit with a $20 import fee.

Though I'm a bit concerned that they don't seem to be as thick as the schwalbe marathons I've used in the past they do feel lighter. I'm excited to try them out this Sunday when we try to ride all the way to Bamberg!

Have you guys used this tyres before?


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