NBD: Fuji Feather CX+

This year I had to say goodbye to two of my buddies, Raven and Ace, my weekend and commuter ride. Basically I came to a realization that I didn't need that many bikes, which my wife Ann agreed to with no hesitation, sold them off with a heavy heart.

But then there's also the excitement of trying to find the new ride, something that would definitely be my size this time! Initially had my eyes set on getting a Kona Rove, however I have actually enjoyed riding the Fuji Ace so much that when I checked the mileage on both bikes I didn't even know that the Fuji had close to 6,000 kms while the Marin had only about 2000 kms.

So I searched Google for Fuji bike dealers near my area, there wasn't much, I was about to lose hope until I saw the website for Bikes On Wheels. It was in Toronto, it would be a hard sell to Ann that we drive all the way up there just to pickup a bike. However we had planned to take the kids to the zoo one weekend and that happens to be the same time they're having a sale on bikes! All the stars were lining up perfectly, purchased it online the weekend before our trip, and I was so restless waiting for the weekend to come.

Oh and the trip to the zoo got cancelled, however we still had fun when we took the kids to Fantasy Fair at the Woodvine Mall. But before that we dropped by Toronto and picked up my new bike, I was like a kid at a candy store. Also snagged a pair of full fenders for the rainy days, I didn't realize you had to pay for parking and my wife was telling me to get back ASAP, the lady at Bikes On Wheels as if to say "yeah this is Toronto you pay parking everywhere dummy!"

So, I hauled it back to our van, got our of there as quickly as possible and enjoyed the rest of our day at Fantasy Fair. Can't wait for winter to be over so I can go on adventures with this amazing steed!


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