No time for a break in period

Winter is in full blast right now, and I don't have any more time to break in the Schwalbes in asphalt, pavement will have to do. Rode it this cold morning and it handled well on the mall parking lot, sidewalk and the rest of my commute was on icy road. There is still one guy left who still commutes and he doesn't that much of a fancy setup. One of the chaps who works here on campus asked me why I bother cycling to work, as I told him on deep snow I had to walk with my bike anyways, told him because I can and that it's what I love to do.

I really must thank my wife for supporting me on my hobby, I know she's worried and I try to reassure her each morning I leave for work that I do my best to stay out of harms way. Still got to be very careful though, as there seems to be a lot of drivers out there who doesn't care about other people as long as they get ahead of you on the stop light.


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