Windows 10 nuked my hard drive

WTF Windows 10!!!! Seriously WTF, I had installed the said stupid OS on a separate drive and booted it once every while to see what MS is up to and this time it reported that it needed to fix hard drive errors, it was very stupid of me to assume that the error was on the system drive.

It did stuff and when it kept crashing I decided to go back to the safety of my Windows 8.1, which has been running stably for years now. Then something weird happened, tried to open firefox and it said it couldn't find it, weird... then I thought I'd figure it out later. Then we tried to watch some movies on Kodi and all the kids movies were gone.

That's when I started to panic, it wasn't just firefox that was gone, a lot of other stuff were!!! Installed recuva to try and see what has been removed and after 4 hours of scanning.... hmmm just about 154,000 files have been deleted!!! Program files, project files, photographs, videos etc on my data drive!!!!

Well it's a new year, might as well start fresh... still frak you Windows 10!!!!


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