Happy New Year!

What a fun year for my family and for my cycling, I think for 2016 I will try to commute by bike through winter as it seems to be a very mild winter this year. We spent most of December in the Philippines visiting my parents, the kids enjoyed it a lot. However on the last leg of our journey my wife and I got food poisoned by something called "pinipig". Somehow our baby Thomas got it as well since she is still breastfeeding him.

For New Year's we just spent it at home instead of going out to party, first new year on our new house so I guess it made sense. I also tried to cook siopao for the first time, well I made the dough and my wife made the filling but I assemble them together and cooked it. It turned out quite delicious, can't wait to try and make another batch. Ann made leche plan and our first batch turned out a bit bubbly (which is actually what I prefer to eat) and the next one was perfect.

I really love how Strava creates a yearly summary of your cycling efforts, here is mine this year. Currently awaiting the delivery of my winter tires from MEC, riding on hard packed snow on the park didn't seem to be much of a problem with my knobby tires. However once I start commuting again I think I would feed much safer with those studded ones.


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