All ready for Spring!

It's been a mild winter as some long time winter veterans would say, but I can't wait till spring is here! Got me an EVO rear rack from Sportschek and an EVO road bike fenders from OntarioCycle in Listowel. The folks there were very friendly and would go back there again if ever I pass by Listowel again.

Installing the rack was easy as luckily I have all the right holes in the frame to attach it to, however getting the front fender proved to be a challenge as I didn't have any eyelet on the front fork to attach it on. I figured a clamp of some sort would work, so looked online at homedepot and found this:

Got the 5/8 size and it fits perfectly with the fork, however the holes weren't big enough for the screws that came with the fender, luckily for me the clamps were made of plastic so I was able to use a scissor to make the holes larger. For the rear fender I didn't even have to remove the wheel, just the brakes and then just had to fine tune it so it didn't rub on the tires.


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