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NSD - New Shoes Day!

My Merrell's served we quite well for several years, unfortunately the soles were worn out and things weren't looking too good at the heel area. Even though budget was tight my lovely wife felt it is time to retire those shoes and get a new pair, which I was hesitant to do as I have grown to love them and they have been through a lot with me. 
Considering that I wore the Merrell's all year round, through ice, mud and snow, they didn't look all that bad, I felt they could still last a couple more months. However while browsing through Sportschek we came across this particular pair (20% off $127)  and I felt comfortable wearing them right at the store, I also own a pair of Northface hiking boots and I could never feel comfy in them. The Salomon's fit like a glove, it felt light and the soles were flexible when walking yet sturdy enough when I pedal my bike.
Hoping they last as long as my old pair!
Salomon X Ultra Prime CSWP Men's Multi-Sport Shoes

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