Sunday, January 31

Merrell Pulsate Mid Waterproof

Last summer my wife bought me a Merrell Moab Gore-Tex and I just fell in love with it, best shoes I've ever had. Was nice to walk with and worked real well for cycling as well, also seems to be very durable as I used it almost everyday since I got it.

This weekend I got another pair at a store in Conestoga Mall, unfortunately they were closing, so the shoes were actually reduced to $70, my wife and I both got a pair. This time around I got the Merrell Pulsate, although it doesn't have Gore-Tex or Vibram still proved to be a comfortable shoe.

Monday, January 18

Schwalbe Marathon Winters HS396 on ice test

So over the weekend I finally got to test my winter tires on ice. With the conditions just right, snow with rain plus freezing temperatures, the path near the park where we live froze over night. Took off for a quick morning ride, the head winds were bad but wasn't really in a rush for anything so I decided to go by the park.

The tires actually worked better than I expected on ice, trying to walk on the ice with my rubber shoes on was quite a challenge, I actually had a big fall when we took the kids sledding out here. For the winter tires the ice was no problem I was able to easily make turns, at moderate speed, without crashing.

Testing my brakes I was able to stop pretty quickly on ice as well, although the squeaking sound my disc brakes made was enough to scare away all the squirrels in the park.

Inspected the tires after and it seems I still have all the studs, though I'm not worried if I loose a couple as I found out that you can buy replacement studs on Mec.

Ice skating with Daniel and Linus.

Saturday, January 16

All ready for Spring!

It's been a mild winter as some long time winter veterans would say, but I can't wait till spring is here! Got me an EVO rear rack from Sportschek and an EVO road bike fenders from OntarioCycle in Listowel. The folks there were very friendly and would go back there again if ever I pass by Listowel again.

Installing the rack was easy as luckily I have all the right holes in the frame to attach it to, however getting the front fender proved to be a challenge as I didn't have any eyelet on the front fork to attach it on. I figured a clamp of some sort would work, so looked online at homedepot and found this:

Got the 5/8 size and it fits perfectly with the fork, however the holes weren't big enough for the screws that came with the fender, luckily for me the clamps were made of plastic so I was able to use a scissor to make the holes larger. For the rear fender I didn't even have to remove the wheel, just the brakes and then just had to fine tune it so it didn't rub on the tires.

Thursday, January 14

Can't ride the sidewalks

Looks like the city has given up on plowing sidewalks, can barely ride on them anymore. Will have to try and ride on the main road with cars tomorrow. Scary thing happened this morning my rear tire rim and all just popped out of the frame, probably because I didn't tighten them enough after installing the winter tires.

Speaking of those winter tires, they might work well on icy surface but on snow its pretty the same as with the knobby mtb tires, they are next to useless.

Wednesday, January 13

No time for a break in period

Winter is in full blast right now, and I don't have any more time to break in the Schwalbes in asphalt, pavement will have to do. Rode it this cold morning and it handled well on the mall parking lot, sidewalk and the rest of my commute was on icy road. There is still one guy left who still commutes and he doesn't that much of a fancy setup. One of the chaps who works here on campus asked me why I bother cycling to work, as I told him on deep snow I had to walk with my bike anyways, told him because I can and that it's what I love to do.

I really must thank my wife for supporting me on my hobby, I know she's worried and I try to reassure her each morning I leave for work that I do my best to stay out of harms way. Still got to be very careful though, as there seems to be a lot of drivers out there who doesn't care about other people as long as they get ahead of you on the stop light.

Sunday, January 10

Finally got my Marathon winters installed!

So yesterday I finally had a chance to install the Schwalbe Marathon Winters that I got for my mountain bike. By now I'm used to installing tires on my mtb rims and was done pretty quickly, then came the problem with installing them back, those darn disc brakes never align properly after you remove the wheel.

The front tire was okay and after adjusting the brakes the wheels where on smoothly, what gave me a good challenge and left me cursing several times were the rear wheels. For some reason after installing the they were barely able to spin freely, like they were rubbing on something, and for sure I thought it was the brakes.

Took me half and hour fidgeting with the brake and was almost about to give up when I realized it was the brakes that was causing all this resistance, the tires were rubbing on the fenders!!! Doh moment and after raising the fenders everything went on smoothly, took it for a quick spin around the park and a couple of blocks and the noise wasn't really all that bad. Reminds me of the sound the plastic wheel on kids wagon make whenever we go to the park trail.

Schwalbe recommends that the wheels should be broken in on asphalt, however winter seems to be on full blast today so I wasn't able to ride at all, so it's the bus for me tomorrow, I'm hoping for a break in the weather sometime this week so I could finally do the 40km and ride them on the trail.

Friday, January 8

Windows 10 nuked my hard drive

WTF Windows 10!!!! Seriously WTF, I had installed the said stupid OS on a separate drive and booted it once every while to see what MS is up to and this time it reported that it needed to fix hard drive errors, it was very stupid of me to assume that the error was on the system drive.

It did stuff and when it kept crashing I decided to go back to the safety of my Windows 8.1, which has been running stably for years now. Then something weird happened, tried to open firefox and it said it couldn't find it, weird... then I thought I'd figure it out later. Then we tried to watch some movies on Kodi and all the kids movies were gone.

That's when I started to panic, it wasn't just firefox that was gone, a lot of other stuff were!!! Installed recuva to try and see what has been removed and after 4 hours of scanning.... hmmm just about 154,000 files have been deleted!!! Program files, project files, photographs, videos etc on my data drive!!!!

Well it's a new year, might as well start fresh... still frak you Windows 10!!!!