Wednesday, November 25

Winter is here

It was like turning on a switch, one moment is was nice and the sun was shining brightly then with a blink of an eye winter is here. At first I was in denial and thought the snow would melt right away, it wouldn't accumulate at all on the ground yet.

Then my wife and I looked outside and we have several inches of snow on the car already, the kids and I went out for a snowball fight, then I remembered I still have my slick city tires on!!! Took my bike out and tried to see if it would work with the slick tires, after all I see people using those thin 700c tires all the time. Didn't even move an inch, took out the tires and was gonna switch them to the knobbies but ran out of time.

Eventually I was able to put them on and finally had my first winter ride of the season, reduced the psi to 50, but I think that was a bit too low as I was moving painfully slow. Bumped it up to 55 psi and that seems to do the trick. With regards to clothing it is still nice enough outside that I am actually sweating a bit wearing that Columbia jacket my wife got for me.

Friday, November 20

Columbia Nordic Point II Jacket

My wife saw this nice jacket at the mall and bought it for me, was certainly cheaper than the North Face or Canada Goose we were planning to get and while I'm not expecting much it seems to be very light and warm enough to use for my commute.

Tuesday, November 17

Supercycle pannier bag

My wife found this at the thrift store, after my failed attempt at using the bags from CanadianTire she thought this one might work better.

Friday, November 13

2nd Flat

Two years commuting and this is my second flat, had to walk a bit to get home but luckily I was close enough and it wasn't raining that hard yet. Thank goodness it happened on a Friday, had it fixed easily on the weekend.

Thursday, October 29

Blustery Waterloo weather

As my yahoo weather app puts it, today will be blustery, the wind was crazy and I was hoping it would be at my tail but instead I was heading straight at it. Which made my morning commute a challenge as I struggled to pedal and not tip over with the wind gushes.

Wind warning: Gusts up to 80 km/h in Waterloo Region on Thursday

Waterloo Region Record
WATERLOO REGION — Strong, gusty winds approaching 80 km/h are expected Thursday morning across Waterloo Region.
Gusts of 90 km/h are possible closer to eastern Lake Ontario and eastern Lake Erie, Environment Canada says. Tree damage and local power outages are possible, the weather agency says.
The windy weather follows a day of heavy rain across southern Ontario.
At the Waterloo Region International Airport, 29.9 millimetres of rain fell. The highest local amount in Waterloo Region was 57 mm at Wellesley — one of the highest rainfall tallies the day in southern Ontario.
The highest was 78 mm at Cobourg, then 73 mm at Scarborough and 66 mm at Welland.
Thursday in Waterloo Region, there's a 60 per cent of showers through the day and overnight, as southwest winds continue. Temperatures are expected to fall from 15 just after midnight, to 6 C by afternoon, then 2 C by Friday morning as winds swing to the northwest and fade to 20 km/h.
Sunny skies and a high of 8 C are forecast for Friday. Saturday, there's a 30 per cent chance of showers under partly cloudy skies, and a high of 9 C, and a low of 7 C.

Wednesday, October 28

Heavy rain today, no cycling for me

Even though I have the rain gear to ride wet, my dear lovely Ann won't let me, I know she's worried for my safety and so I took her advice and took the bus. The bus which was 10 minutes late and took its time which each stop it makes. I was almost late luckily I wasn't, I really hate riding buses.