Schwalbe Marathon Winters HS396 on ice test

So over the weekend I finally got to test my winter tires on ice. With the conditions just right, snow with rain plus freezing temperatures, the path near the park where we live froze over night. Took off for a quick morning ride, the head winds were bad but wasn't really in a rush for anything so I decided to go by the park.

The tires actually worked better than I expected on ice, trying to walk on the ice with my rubber shoes on was quite a challenge, I actually had a big fall when we took the kids sledding out here. For the winter tires the ice was no problem I was able to easily make turns, at moderate speed, without crashing.

Testing my brakes I was able to stop pretty quickly on ice as well, although the squeaking sound my disc brakes made was enough to scare away all the squirrels in the park.

Inspected the tires after and it seems I still have all the studs, though I'm not worried if I loose a couple as I found out that you can buy replacement studs on Mec.

Ice skating with Daniel and Linus.


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