Teksavvy Bandwidth Usage Monitor

Teksavvy is my current internet provider, I have the 100/10Mbps plan with 150GB monthly cap, they do provide you with a way to see your usage but only gives you the previous day and not for the current day.

So I got tired of worrying if my usage is exceeding what I should be using, I really miss unlimited internet from Vmedia, that I decided to make my own monitoring app. Using Laravel and Selenium I created a simple page that would use Highcharts to show me and my wife how much were using during the day and how much we're allowed to use.

I used Selenium to scrape the usage from my ASUS RT-N56U router and curl to access my usage data using the teksavvy api key that they provide on your account. Also I have an ubuntu web server at home that I use for testing out projects. It might be interesting to see if I could turn this into an ios app.

Here is the result:


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