Bike Commuting

As of this moment bike commuting is now a daily routine for me, started commuting by bike March 27th 2014. My lovely wife Ann bought me a bike as an early birthday present, we got it from Sportschek, it wasn't fancy but certainly better than the BMX I had when I was a kid. And that reminds me that I've never had another bike after that BMX.

Diadora Orma HT 2014 Specifications: 6061 aluminum frame 26" steel threadless suspension fork 9/16 X 170MM forged steel crankset ST-EF40 21 speed shimano shifters FD-TZ30 shimano front derailleur RD-TX31 shimano rear derailleur Double wall alloy rims C-Star alloy disc brakes Alloy threadless stem Standard 28.6 alloy threadless a-headset

Well that's a lie, I did buy one 2 years ago, it was a Raleigh Campus bike from Walmart. Tried to get into it but I just couldn't, I was too out of shape and have been spoiled by years of sitting on a comfy car seat. So it sat in our apartment collecting dust, eventually sold it, but luckily for me I was called to a new job here in Waterloo. And here it seems biking is more accepted and I was motivated by the many students biking on campus.

And that's how I fell in love with cycling, which led me to the following...

My first road bike, bought it from Royal Distributing June 8, 2014 as a fathers day gift from my lovely wife. It is a 2012 Marin Ravenna, might be old but she runs smooth as butter!

My second road bike is a 2013 Fuji Ace (Ann got this for free on Kijiji) on September 9th, 2015, pumped some air on the tire, added a seat and I was riding it smoothly. Would probably need to clean it and have it tuned up. Later on added some bar tape and had to make numerous adjustments to the wheel (truing it and adjusting brake position, headset needs tightening etc but it was all fun!)

Cycling has made me feel so much better than I have ever felt before in terms of my health and reduced the stress in my life a lot! I still get stressed out when some of my numerous cycling gear fail or break, but it's nothing compared to the work stress I had before. I'm also able to better control my weight now, I can only imagine my waist line would be about 40inch by now if I hadn't picked up cycling :) All of these wouldn't have been possible without the support of my wife Ann and my 3 crazy kids, Daniel, Linus and Tom!

Strava also played a huge role in motivating me to cycle each day, as everyday I could see I'm improving and that I'm getting better.


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