Winter is back, also our very first ComicCon

Oh winter I am so getting tired of you, please just go and come back next year. Well even though it was snowing last Sunday we still managed to enjoy our weekend by going to the Kitchener ComicCon 2016 at the City Hall. My kids really enjoyed it and I'm thinking maybe getting passes for next year so they could get some loot bags and stuff. I think we saw 2-3 Deadpools and some really awesome cosplay, the lady dressed as a Pan was awesome, not sure how she did the hoofs but it was really great.

Also visited Recycle Cycles again and worked with Fig to get my rear derailleur replaced, luckily they had a used Shimano Acera lying around, mine had so much lateral play that I think that it what's causing the chain not to shift to a higher gear. I learned how to clean the rear derailleur, disassembled and reassembled it back, this is probably going to be part of my routine cleanup from now on. In case that didn't work and I still had issues I also purchased a set of shifters and brake combo, hopefully I can get that installed next week.

Here's a picture of winter being a total ass, had to basically walk all the way to work, surprisingly the multi-use path at Ring Rd was all clear of snow. For the short time that I was able to ride my bike I think the shifting is working a lot better now, thanks to the new derailleur. Also had to put back my winter tires but that still wasn't enough for the fury of winters revenge.


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