RAD Cycle Bike Adjustable Repair Stand

A good repair stand is definitely a worthwhile investment if you have a lot of bikes or if you work on bikes. When I first got started into cycling I got a bike stand about the same price as this one but it sucked, it relied on huge rubber bands to keep the bike secured and eventually those broke rending the stand useless.

So this is basically an early Christmas present according to my wife, really love that it had a magnetic tray so no more missing screws. There is also an adjustable holder for the handlebar so your wheel doesn't sway when you're working on it. I'm totally happy with this stand and could definitely recommend it to others on a budget like me looking of a reliable and stable bike stand.

Here are some of the other features of this bike repair stand:

  • Maximum capacity of 66lbs/30kg
  • Telescoping stand adjusts from 41" to 75"
  • Clamps hold tight but won't damage your bike's finish
  • Adjustable handlebar rod stabilizes the front wheel
  • Super easy setup and assembly


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