Start of Winter 2015

Yesterday it was snowing lightly in the morning, wasn't expecting snow until mid November but it seems winter came early. Finally got a chance to use the Balaclava I purchased from Costco, it seems that my glasses fog up when I cover my nose and then try to breathe hard.

It seems to be harder to cycle during cold days, getting tired easily however the upside is that I don't seem to be sweating like crazy compared to cycling during summer. The serfas light mounted on my helmet seems to be working nicely, cars can easily see me and give me enough room.

Also love going by the Forwell Trail, there's a nice lady there walking her dogs that got spooked by me when I rang my bell to alert her of my presence. Need to check with McPhails to see if they have a wet chain lube for my mountain bike. I have purchased an old laptop bag from ValueVillage but I still haven't worked on it yet, need to get a grommet kit from CanadianTire. My wife seems to not have faith that this project would work, I hope I prove her wrong.


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