My winter bike

I have decided not to continue my winter beater project, never liked how this bike felt and the twist shifter felt awkward for me. Figured that even if I wear out the components I could easily go back to Recycle Cycles and replace the parts. Also got the fender mounting screws and bolts from them and even though my bike had no mounting eyelets on the fork I was able to attach the fenders.

Also transferred the bar ends from the Horizon and it is quite nice specially when you're just cruising along. Switched tires to my Schwalbe Marathon Winters which I run at minimal psi when there's thick snow on the ground. I've been able to ride them at 35 psi on deep snow, higher than that and they just don't work as well.

To combat rust I've been spraying the drive train components with Rustoleum and so far things look promising, hopefully I'll get more life out of my parts before they need to be replaced.


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