An Ode to the Car Honker

Originally posted by /u/jnish on Reddit, I don't get honked at very often but I can still relate.

Dear honker, thank you for being my safety advocate:

Your first honk woke me from my reverie of the quiet countryside.
I thank you for bringing my mind back to focus.

Your second honk made me consider; perhaps you thought I hadn’t heard.
I thank you for being thoughtful of the deaf and hard of hearing.

Your third honk reminded me; we all should communicate on the road.
I thank you for the notice; I waved to let you know I heard.

Your fourth honk made me think; perhaps you didn’t know what to do.
I thank you for being unashamed; I showed the lane for you to pass.

Your fifth honk worried me; perhaps something was wrong.
I thank you for the concern; I slowed to see if a thing had fallen.

Your sixth honk made me ponder; perhaps you’d like to chat.
I thank you for the opportunity; I stopped to greet my neighbor.

Your seventh honk was accompanied by a throatful proclamation as you passed:
“Get off the road asshole; you want me to hit you?”

I thank you for the concern; I agree we need bicycle lanes.
It is nice to know that my fellow road users have my safety on their mind.
But alas, I cannot get off the road until there’s a path for me to take.
In the meantime, we shall continue this delightful dialogue.

Your eighth honk was a farewell.
I thank you for the meeting, and I waved godspeed to thee.


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