Schwalbe Tires, the only tires I will ever buy!

So a couple of weeks ago I received the set of Schwalbe Marathons I ordered through Amazon, after a bit of struggle I was able to finally install them and rode them for about 70 kms.

And then this happened!

I was pretty crossed and was literally stomping and cursing at the intersection after I heard a loud pop and saw the air that gives shape to my tires escape and I was forced to walk home. What helped me get through this rough patch is when I vented my frustration through reddit, there were a lot of theories as to what happened. Someone did say that the way it was shipped (bundled tightly into a small package) might have caused the issue and that I should contact Schwalbe for a possible manufacturers warranty claim.

So went to their website, took photos and explained what happened, I was contacted by Mark Read who was very understanding and in the end was kind enough to approve a replacement. Well today after several weeks I got the replacement tire, this day couldn't have been any better! I emailed Mark again to thank him and mentioned that my 3 kids will sure be hearing about this when it's time for them to purchase bike tires, they will hear about the reliability and awesomeness of Schwalbe. It's rare to find a company nowadays that not only produces quality products but also stands by them.


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