Time for some spring tune-up

Spring is here, time to tune-up my faithful mountain bike, got some new parts for her. Got the chain and freewheel from Recycle Cycles and ordered the front chainwheel and bottom bracket from MEC.

My wife and kids came with me today, they were curious about the Kitchener Saturday Farmers Market, I'm sure they'll have a good time there while they wait for me to finish working on the bike. Scott the previous volunteer that helped me wasn't there, however there was a nice lady named "Fig?" who helped me.

We started by attaching the freewheel which took about 2-3mins, then from what I learned last time I was there I quickly removed the cranks and bottom bracket. After that I installed the new BB, crankset and chain. Fig removed two links and also mentioned I needed a new front derailleur because my current one has a shorter cage (Shimano FD-TZ30), so she got me one of those used Shimano FD-C050 and this things went downhill from here.

NO matter how I tuned up the darn thing it wouldn't shift properly, Fig was of no help as she just mumbled stuff and keeps mentioning how I was out of time and should just reschedule. Finally I gave up, rescheduled for next week and just hauled the bike back to my van and met my family.


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