Wobbly crank with screeching and grinding noise - Recycle Cycles

So my winter beater and rain bike has started acting up, lots of grinding noise when I pedal and the crank seems to be wobbling as well. After asking reddit and watching a lot of videos online I pretty much knew what needs to be done, bottom bracket needs to be replaced. Check for the components I need and luckily Mec.ca has most of them, but what surprised me was the cost of the tools, they were more expensive than the cost of the parts!!!

I knew my wife wouldn't agree to me spending more on tools I might only use once or twice a year, she actually wanted me to get another bike, however this ones really got a sentimental value for me as it was the bike that got me started cycling again and it was also a birthday gift from my wife.

Checked if the Bike Centre on campus was open but no luck they are still closed for Winter, there's not a lot of students who bike on campus during this season. Then I remember we once visited the community bike center in Kitchener called Recycle Cycles, booked an appointment for Saturday and spent most of my morning there, Scott one of the volunteers helped me and showed me how to do everything step by step. He was very patient and did not have the same condescending tone as those guys in the campus bike center.

He showed me how to use the tools to remove my cranks and extract the bottom bracket from the bike. The bearings on the drive side were shot and needed to be replaced, however I told him I'd rather get a new one but unfortunately they didn't have the 122.5 mm BB that I require. He told me to purchase what I need online and just come back once I have them. I did purchase the freewheel and chain from them and I'm really looking forward to coming back once the parts I ordered arrives.

If you are also on the lookout for a not so new bike to use this spring/summer then Recycle Cycles would most likely have what you're looking for! They have mountain bikes, some road bikes and plenty of kids bikes.


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