Percona Review – What could have been...

We never made it pass the kickoff call, we waited 5 days to get a meeting scheduled for the call then everything fell apart. Their consultant "lost" connectivity and couldn't make it to the conference so Baron Schwartz was there instead.

I've actually read their book High Performance MySQL and learned a lot from it, and I was hoping that the consulting with them would be great. That they would do things not even covered in the book and we would have our database optimized to the max.

However I'm not going to go into details, Baron and my boss got into a debate and everything went downhill from there. But what stuck to my head, after the meeting, was what my boss said, "they might be the best but I'm not going to work with them", basically at that point all of us in the meeting lost confidence in Percona.

The next day my boss pointed me to this article, how could I have missed this?!

Percona Review – The Quickest Way To Waste $300 Per Hour

via Percona Review – The Quickest Way To Waste $300 Per Hour | Business Pundit.


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