It takes a great villain to make an even greater superhero.

Would Batman still be Batman if it weren't for the Joker? Superman and Lex Luthor,
David and Goliath... the list goes on. Sadly we can't say the same for Pacquiao and
Clottey, as everyone knows by now Clottey turned into a freakin turtle during the bout
and was to shy to come out of his shell. While Pacquiao did all he can to try and break
this guys defenses.

At the end of the fight he was even proud to say that he wasn't tired at all that he
could have won if he decided to fight, but was to afraid to. Clottey, no use crying over
spilled milk, he didn't care about what anyone else thought, all he cared about was
the money and that he didn't get knocked out. Somehow losing is fine as long as he didn't
get knocked out.


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