Bad week

Almost everyone in my family is sick or is getting sick, it's the flu and I probably brought it home to them because I got infected riding in the MRT and commuting daily. Pancakes was so sick she couldn't get up last night, I'm feeling much better but this cough is killing me.

This morning I was complaining about how sick I am, my family, how the guy next to me on the bus smelled like cat puke, how slow the bus is, the traffic, about how far I needed to walk to get to the MRT station... then all of a sudden I saw this kid behind the MRT urinal. He was walking near the wall and near it were a bunch of discarded construction materials made to look like a box, then he entered it. That was his home... here I am complaining about all those things when this kids is living in a box behind the MRT urinal... I wanted to cry... deep inside I cried.


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