NBD: 2014 Marin Bobcat Trail 29er

So I wasn't really planning on getting a new bike that day but this just seemed like a good deal to pass, and I loved the bike when I rode it. It felt very aggressive and I really loved the style, the components on the bike were pretty nice as well. Hydraulic brakes, mostly Shimano components, better than the ones on the commuter bike I was hoping to purchase at Mec.

This was a 2014 model had a bit of scratches here and there but that didn't take away from the awesome riding experience that it provided. I named him Bob and I'm hoping we could have a lot of adventures together and who knows maybe even visit the Hydrocut :)

2014 Marin Bobcat Trail 29er

It also came with free fox gloves and some bike safety kit which were basically rubbish.

I wasn't the only one who got to bring home something from Guelph, my wife found an antique looking coffee table made by Heirloom of Canada Ltd. Which I found out later was the same company that made the double deck bed for my kids (Crate Designs).


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