Having a really bad day...

Yesterday I had a premonition that I should just stay home instead of going to Makati to conduct some business, I even told my wife Ann about it. But in the end I decided to forget about it and decided to go anyway, everything was going fine this morning, the bus ride was okay, the long line to get through the MRT security theater was long as usual. It reminded me of a scene from Titanic when everyone was trying to climb the stairs so they can get out of the sinking ship.

I waited for several trains to go so that I wouldn't have to cram myself with everyone else, also so that I could get a seat instead of standing from North Avenue all the way to Ayala station. So this guy sits next to me, he was wearing dark tinted glasses and had headphones to isolate him from the rest of us, but this was all a disguise. To blend in, to be like one of us office drones, this guy had something else in mind. Basically he sat next to me, did everything to make me uncomfortable so that I would move my arms forward and he basically without me knowing or feeling anything in my pocket, took my cellphone.

The moment I got up and saw my pockets inside out, I knew something was wrong, I panicked and wanted to chase the guy (it could only be him) the doors closed. I hurriedly got off the next station and looked for a police officer, there was none... the security guard said that the guy on duty usually came late. I left my information and I was still hoping to maybe catch the guy on my way back to North Avenue station, no luck, so when I got back to North Avenue I reported what happened to the police officer there, but somehow the MRT supervisor and the police laughing at the news that some douche got his phone stolen didn't bring any hope that I would ever see my cellphone again.

So I went home, no use proceeding with my trip, I couldn't get it out of my mind anyway, I've never had anything stolen from me. This is the first time and I felt violated... like I can never feel secure again riding that damn crowded train.


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